Receiving the degree of Master of Science in Psychology and Neuroscience of Mental Health, I conclude an incredible voyage 

My journey through the MSc Programme has been marked by ‘blood, sweat, and tears.’ Three years of tireless commitment and a relentless willingness to invest as much time and energy as possible next to a family and a full-time job as a communications professional now draw to a close.

Looking back to an extensive professional background in communications and public relations, I have also been trained in mental coaching and hypnosis. When embarking on my MSc Programme, my objective, both personally and professionally, was to establish a scientific basis for my mental coaching and hypnosis practice. I aimed to gain a deeper comprehension of mental health issues and enhance my mental coaching skills, enabling me to better assist clients in overcoming the challenges of modern life.

Gaining a profound grasp of the psychological and neuroscientific foundations of mental health and putting the cumulative knowledge of three years by composing my Independent Synoptic Project into practice was a significant undertaking. This reinforced my enthusiasm for mental health topics and had a transformative impact on my personality. I am proud to declare that I conclude this journey as a changed individual, fueled by an unquenchable curiosity and a strong determination to embark on a new voyage, aiding others in preserving or reclaiming their mental well-being.

Concluding this incredible voyage, my heart is filled with a vast array of emotions. There is an overwhelming sense of achievement, as for so many times, I felt I had bitten off more than I could chew. There is an immense pride in myself for persevering and for believing in my ability to surmount obstacles, and for growing as a scholar and as an individual. Yet, there is also a tinge of sadness that creeps in as I realise that this most valuable chapter of my life has come to a close. The experiences lived, the knowledge gained, and the countless moments of self-discovery have become an integral part of my being. I will miss this most precious learning experience, this most valuable period of personal and intellectual growth tremendously. As this journey has come to an end, I will carry with me not just a degree, but a heart full of memories, a mind enriched with knowledge, and a soul forever changed.

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