It’s all in the head

A warm welcome to you. I’m glad you found me – whatever made you do so. Maybe you are undecided, overwhelmed or burnt out, anxious, discouraged or blocked, dissatisfied, overweight or sleepless, anguished, desperate or hopeless. Maybe you would like to reinvent yourself. And maybe you are already ready for such a change.
I would like to inspire you to mobilize your own mental resources, to establish your inner balance, to develop your potential. I would like to help you to help yourself by reconnecting to your inner self. By recognizing your true essence.
Because life is precious. And everyone deserves to live a life full of positive, encouraging and strengthening thoughts. I am here for you. I dedicate my time to you.


Why is crucial for the elderly to maintain their mental health?

As we journey through life, one of the most cherished phases is often our golden years, where the wisdom of age is accompanied by a wealth of experiences. However, for many elderly individuals, this period can also bring unique challenges, particularly concerning mental health. Maintaining mental well-being is crucial for the elderly, yet it is often […]

Receiving the degree of Master of Science in Psychology and Neuroscience of Mental Health, I conclude an incredible voyage 

My journey through the MSc Programme has been marked by ‘blood, sweat, and tears.’ Three years of tireless commitment and a relentless willingness to invest as much time and energy as possible next to a family and a full-time job as a communications professional now draw to a close. Looking back to an extensive professional background […]

On International Women’s Day: Let us continue advocating for the mental health needs of girls and women in Switzerland!

In Switzerland, as in many countries, women’s mental health is influenced by a variety of social, economic, and cultural factors unique to the region. While Switzerland boasts high standards of living and a robust healthcare system, women still face challenges that impact their mental well-being. One prominent issue is the persistent gender gap in the workforce. […]