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Would you like to adopt a healthier lifestyle? Would you like to feel good in your skin once again? Fit and vital and full of joie de vivre?

In today’s consumer-oriented environment, where there is no shortage of tempting and even irresistible stimulants that promise consolation, reward, and satisfaction, it is understandable that one loses the will and strength to break the damaging vicious circle.
I help clients with unhealthy habits to apply mental techniques and methods to achieve their desired goals, to change their lifestyle in a sustainable way, and to activate their inner resources.

«Simone worked with me to change my diet – and successfully so. The aim was to reduce my chocolate consumption and change my shopping habits. She led me through a wonderful hypnosis session and afterwards I didn’t touch chocolate for six months. In the meantime, I eat some chocolate again in exceptional cases. However, I can still control my shopping behavior very well.

Three months ago, we held another session on the subject of losing weight. Since then, I have lost a good 3 kilograms, changed my diet to a healthy one and put more focus on cooking again. Simone has also helped me wonderfully with this topic. I thank her wholeheartedly for this and can recommend her and her sessions to anyone who wants to change.»

M. N., M.

Would you like to feel completely happy once again? Would you like to sleep soundly once again? Be satisfied and relaxed?

There are endless reasons why someone is unhappy, depressed, or sad. And it is understandable that they then let their head hang down and often cannot close their eyes at night. This often leads to a relentless downward spiral, which makes one whirl endlessly in the maelstrom of gruelling feelings.
I help clients in stressful life situations to apply mental techniques and methods in order to release inner strength, to recognize new perspectives and to gain new confidence.

«I could not fall asleep at night, and when I did fall asleep, I always woke up at 4:00 am. During the day, I had difficulties concentrating and in the evening I could not turn off work.

Thanks to hypnotherapy, I learned to breathe properly. First, Simone introduced me to self-hypnosis, through this I learned to calm down, concentrate, and fall asleep. To make the hypnosis more effective, Simone sent me an audio with the hypnosis – this made it even easier for me to fall asleep.

Besides all this, I have suffered from migraines for years and had headaches at least once a week. After one session, the migraines disappeared and I haven’t had any more attacks until today.

I can hardly believe that all the methods worked for me and that I feel much better now. I thank Simone from the bottom of my heart and look forward to the further treatments, which I can only recommend to everyone.»

B. Y., R.


«Simone held several sessions with me. We first identified goals for change. To do this, I travelled back into my childhood past under her guidance and by means of light hypnosis. I was able to experience some strongly emotional experiences from an observer’s perspective and then discuss them with her. This was very exciting and insightful and helped me to come to terms with my past. We then used hypnosis again to address my fear of spiders. Simone gave me tools to deal with this fear. I don’t consider myself “cured” in this respect, but the sessions were still very helpful in giving me a different perspective on the issue.

I really appreciated the exchange with Simone! Her empathetic, calm manner and her great expertise in many health-related and other life issues (e.g. dealing with my very stressful everyday life) turned the sessions into islands of relaxation and development for me. She never judged, she always asked questions and tried to understand. I felt very well looked after. Thank you very much, Simone!»

A. H., Z.

Do you want to stop getting in your own way? Do you want to be able to trust yourself more? To be fearless?

If a persistent and at best exaggerated fear of an object or situation forces someone to make great efforts to avoid the situation or object, or if the situation or object cannot be avoided and someone feels considerable distress as a result, it is understandable that they are prevented from achieving their full potential.
I help clients who suffer from fears and phobias to apply mental techniques and methods in order to gain inner freedom, gain courage, and discover new horizons.

Are you facing a difficult decision in your career and want to take the right path? Are you running at full speed and want to shift down a gear? Do you want to better balance your professional and private life?

In today’s fast-paced, competitive and shareholder value-driven business environment, it is easy for executives to lose their composure, orientation, and balance – and burn out.
I help managers in their demanding everyday work life to apply mental methods and techniques to define solution-oriented approaches to achieve coherent goals, set the right priorities, and gain mindfulness and balance.

«As a head physician of an interdisciplinary emergency ward, I experience a challenging and stressful environment every day. In this field of tension, Simone’s mental exercises helped me to improve and consolidate coping strategies for dealing with sometimes unpredictable, highly emotional, and time-critical situations. This enabled me to build up a high level of resilience in this working environment. Thanks to Simone’s mental coaching, I was also able to fortify my communication skills.

It’s impressive to see how seemingly simple mental exercises offer enormous potential for change.»

Dr. med. M. R., A.

Do you want to be free of pain now? Do you finally want to feel good in your skin again? To be able to move as you please?

If someone desperately runs from pillar to post because they seek relief for their permanent pain, it is understandable that their patience and hope hang by a thin thread.
I help clients with acute and chronic pain to apply mental techniques and methods to achieve rapid change, alleviate pain or even cure it.

«I have suffered from chronic headaches for a good 30 years and from regular migraine attacks for 15 years. I have tried countless therapies and procedures to get relief. Many things have helped in the short term; in the long term, changes in lifestyle have helped to reduce tension and stress. Nevertheless, a permanent, severe headache remained, accompanied by infrequent but severe migraine attacks.

After the first session with Simone, I noticed that the pain had already changed. It went less deep and felt lighter and less hardened. A clear improvement, as this lighter pain is much easier to bear. Simone identified several critical moments in my life story in our preliminary talk. We were able to resolve some of them with hypnotherapy, others seem easier today when I feel inside myself. Simone works with different methods, which she uses depending on the issue. She was very attentive to my reactions and was able to offer additional help where necessary. I felt very well looked after and always knew exactly what was happening. I will need more sessions with Simone, but I am very confident that with her help I will find more ease and less pain.»

J. T., K.


«For about nine years, I have been suffering from strong tinnitus under my skull, which severely restricts my quality of life. When the tinnitus is very loud, I am often unable to calm down and fall asleep at night. During the day, the tinnitus affects me when driving or in conversational situations. After just a few sessions with Simone with breathing, relaxation and visualization exercises, the tinnitus disappeared completely for a short time. Unfortunately, it returned after a while. However, I am convinced that regular sessions with Simone with relaxation and focusing exercises would bring me relief again.

I felt very comfortable with Simone and her calm and empathic manner. Thanks to the trust I was able to place in her, I was able to open up to her and work through events from my past.»

S. L., A.

Would you like me to help your child overcome stumbling blocks? Would you like me to support him or her in developing fully and realising himself or herself within the scope of his or her possibilities? So that a life full of opportunities is open to him or her?

There are many reasons why children and adolescents suffer from motivation and concentration problems, are plagued by fears, phobias or compulsions, develop sleeping or eating disorders or have a lack of self-esteem.
I help children and adolescents with minor and major concerns to activate and strengthen their inner resources with playful and age-appropriate approaches.