My journey through the MSc Programme has been marked by ‘blood, sweat, and tears.’ Three years of tireless commitment and a relentless willingness to invest as much time and energy as possible next to a family and a full-time job as a communications professional now draw to a close. Looking back to an extensive professional background in

In Switzerland, as in many countries, women's mental health is influenced by a variety of social, economic, and cultural factors unique to the region. While Switzerland boasts high standards of living and a robust healthcare system, women still face challenges that impact their mental well-being. One prominent issue is the persistent gender gap in the workforce. Despite

Differences between the brains of men and women have been a subject of scientific inquiry for many years. While there are some structural and functional differences, it's essential to understand that the brain is highly complex, and individual variation within genders is significant. However, these general differences can have implications for mental health in several ways: Risk

Deep breathing exercises are important for mental health for several reasons: Stress Reduction: Deep breathing activates the body's relaxation response, which helps reduce stress levels. When you're stressed, your body goes into a state of "fight or flight" where your sympathetic nervous system is activated. Deep breathing helps counteract this response by activating the parasympathetic nervous system,

Mental coaching, also known as cognitive coaching or psychological coaching, is a process that helps individuals enhance their mental skills, performance, and well-being. Mental coaching draws from various psychological theories and techniques to help individuals change their thoughts, emotions, and behaviors in order to achieve their goals and improve their overall mental health and performance. Here

Negative thinking patterns refer to habitual ways of interpreting and reacting to situations that tend to focus on the negative aspects rather than the positive ones. These patterns can manifest in various forms such as pessimism, catastrophizing, overgeneralization, personalization, and black-and-white thinking, among others. Negative thinking patterns can stem from various sources including past experiences, upbringing, societal

Anxiety is a complex neurological process involving the intricate interplay of various brain regions. Essentially, the anxiety response is an evolutionary mechanism that enables living organisms to react to potentially threatening situations and protect themselves. From a neurological perspective, the anxiety response involves several key brain regions, including: Amygdala: The amygdala is a core structure in the brain that

Pain is a multifaceted phenomenon that involves complex interactions between physiological, psychological, and emotional processes. Understanding pain from a neurological perspective provides insights into how it's processed and perceived by the brain, while mental coaching offers strategies to manage pain more effectively. Neurological Perspective on Pain: Physiological Basis: Pain begins with the activation of specialized nerve fibers called nociceptors