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My Offering

Solution and resource-oriented mental coaching
You are in good hands with me. My practice is a unique space and offers you not only a change of scenery. Here you can relax and let go, you can turn your attention inwards, make your mental resources available now and in the future, develop your potential. Internalize positive, encouraging and strengthening thoughts.
I practice a solution and resource-oriented mental coaching approach and accompany you on the way to your desired change. I speak German, English, and French.
And by the way: I also accompany children and adolescents with their smaller and larger concerns.

Questions and Answers

How does an initial session work?
It is important that we build a trustworthy coaching relationship with each other from the very beginning. Therefore, the first session is about getting to know each other and you telling me about yourself and your desire for change. We then agree on the further procedure – and the coaching for your mental health can begin.
What do I have to consider?
I expressly point out that my Mental Coaching on health issues should not or cannot replace a visit to the doctor ΜΆ or his diagnostic work or treatment. This also applies to taking or stopping medication or therapies that have been prescribed and recommended to you by your doctor. In case of doubt, please consult your doctor.
For the coaching session, wear comfortable and casual clothing that you feel comfortable in. If possible, remove your contact lenses so that you can relax properly. And please turn off your cell phone during the session. Sound or image recordings during the session are not allowed.
Will my health insurance cover the costs for the Mental Coaching?
Unfortunately, up to now neither coaching for mental health nor hypnosis therapy are recognized by health insurance.
What do I do if something unforeseen happens so that I cannot attend the session?
If you are unable to attend your appointment, please cancel it at least 48 hours before the appointment. Otherwise the session will be charged in full.
What happens after the initial session?
If the chemistry between us fits, I will gladly accompany and support you on your way to your desired goal. Depending on the topic, one or more follow-up sessions may be necessary. However, you can expect great progress from the first session onwards.
How much does a Mental Coaching session cost?
The costs for a mental coaching session amounts to CHF 200 per 60 minutes.
Which payment methods are accepted?
Please pay all amounts in cash on site. Thank you very much for your understanding. I will gladly give you a receipt.
Can a coaching session also be held online via Zoom?
Depending on the topic and the approach we choose, it is also possible to hold a coaching session via Zoom.
How does the coaching work regarding the hygiene and behavioral rules within the context of the coronavirus pandemic?
I strictly adhere to the hygiene and conduct rules of the Swiss Confederation and comply with the protection concept of the Swiss Professional Association for Hynotherapy SBVH.