Why do we hardly manage to stick to our new year’s resolutions?

Why do we make New Year’s resolutions?

For many, the start of a new year symbolizes a fresh start, an opportunity for self-reflection and planning for personal change. The motivation behind these resolutions often lies in the desire for personal growth, happiness, and an overall more fulfilling life.

The turn of the year provides a natural time to take stock and become aware of which aspects of your life you would like to improve. The hope for positive change and the belief in the possibility of a fresh start are driving forces behind the formulation of New Year’s resolutions.

Why do we struggle to stick to our New Year’s resolutions?

Despite the best intentions, many people fail to keep their New Year’s resolutions in the long term. This phenomenon can be due to a number of reasons, including the challenges of breaking old habits, inadequate planning and a lack of appropriate support systems. There is often a lack of a clear plan of action and the ability to deal constructively with setbacks.

In addition, unrealistic goals and a lack of self-reflection can cause initial motivation to fade quickly. It is important to recognize that the path to change is a process that requires time, patience, and self-understanding.

How can mental coaching help to achieve New Year’s resolutions?

Mental coaching offers effective support in the realization of New Year’s resolutions. Targeted techniques for self-reflection, goal setting and mental strength can overcome mental blocks and pave the way for long-term change.

An experienced mental coach can help you set realistic and achievable goals, develop a clear plan of action and devise strategies to overcome obstacles. Mental coaching also promotes the development of self-confidence and the ability to deal with stress and uncertainty, which is crucial for success in implementing resolutions.

The holistic approach offered by mental coaching not only supports the achievement of specific goals, but also promotes general well-being and quality of life. It enables sustainable change by strengthening the mental focus on success and personal growth.

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